About Us


A group of young Americans dedicated to promoting populist policies in the Republican Party

A handful of young Americans who are fed up with the traditional republican orthodoxy have set forth to create The Bull Moose Project. A political action committee with the goal of promoting populist candidates and polices that help families and working class Americans. For too long the Republican Party has only listened to the donor class of America, our goal is to make them listen to their voters instead.

Our five values: America first, a free and fair market, R.U.S.T, pro-family, and conservation are the bedrocks of the foundation of a new Republican Party. One that protects America and her people. For too long our party has sold out to big business, who seek to destroy everything we stand for. For too long, our party has sold out to donors who can use their influence to create policy that puts working class Americans last. The Bull Moose Project says no more.